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You Are What You Eat by Emma Granger (Grade 5)

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You Are What You Eat by Emma Granger

You are what you eat,
Or so you may have heard
From your mom or your dad,
Or even a little bird.

But it’s actually true!
You ARE what you eat.
Let’s go over some facts.
It’s really quite neat.

There are three macronutrients
That keep your body well.
They are the fuels that supply
Each and every cell!

Let’s start with the proteins.
They’re found in most meats.
Eggs have them also.
They’re great for athletes!

Starting from the beginning,
When proteins are ingested,
They break down to building blocks.
Energy is invested!

These blocks are amino acids,
But don’t be frightened by the word.
This acid is healthy,
Despite what you may have heard!

The acids recombine
In a process called translation.
This creates new proteins
By means of ligation.

By now the proteins are useful.
They serve many functions.
They are found in nervous tissue
And even muscle junctions!

Proteins act as signals,
As sensors, and as hormones.
They are found everywhere,
From your forebrain to your toe bones!

So be sure to eat your protein,
For protein makes you, well... you.
You are what you eat
And that, dear, is true!

Next we have the lipids.
They're found in cheese, chocolate, and chips.
There are healthier sources, though.
Here, I’ll give you some tips.
The types of fats that you should eat
Are found in things like fish and nuts.
They will help with your cholesterol
And even with your gut!

When lipids are ingested,
They enter certain cells.
These cells store the fat
And act as lipid wells!

Fat stores are crucial.
They keep you nice and warm.
They also give you padding
And help maintain your form!

So be sure to eat your fats,
For fats make you, well... you.
You are what you eat
And that, dear, is true!

The last macromolecule
Is packed full of vigor,
For it creates energy
With unfathomable rigor!

Carbohydrates, you see
Break down into glucose.
These pass through the capillaries
Which are really quite rugose!

They are absorbed through the cells
With insulin as their key.
And as soon as they enter,
They make energy!

This energy lets you move.
It lets you jump, and it lets you play.
It also helps you study
Or even write your essay!

So be sure to eat your carbs,
For carbs make you, well... you.
You are what you eat
And that, dear, is true!
What is the purpose of this poem?
  1. to show that an old saying is true
  2. to list the types foods it is okay to eat
  3. to explain how food works in your body
  4. to describe how a person turns into food
Why should a person NOT be frightened by amino acids?
  1. They are real acid.
  2. They pass very quickly.
  3. They are good for the body.
  4. They exist in small amounts.
According to the author of the poem, are all fats bad?
  1. Yes
  2. No
Based on the poem, why are proteins good for athletes?
  1. They are full of salt.
  2. They give the body fuel.
  3. They come in liquid form.
  4. They can be eaten on the go.
According to the poem, how are proteins and carbohydrates similar?
  1. They both provide energy.
  2. They both taste really good.
  3. They are both really bad for you.
  4. They are both eaten during breakfast.
Explain how you are what you eat.

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