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Solar Eclipse Words (Grade 3)

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Solar Eclipse Words

Read the passage.

Each day the Sun rises and sets. It is a pattern that we can predict. However, every once in a while, the Sun seems to disappear during the day. A dark, circular object covers the Sun and blocks its light. Nighttime appears to fall earlier than expected. But, this does not last for long. A few minutes later, the Sun appears again. What happened?

A solar eclipse happened! During a solar eclipse, the Moon’s shadow falls on Earth’s surface. The Moon lines up perfectly between the Sun and Earth. From Earth, the Moon seems to cover the Sun and block its light. The Sun is much larger than the Moon. Yet, because the Moon is much closer to Earth, they look like they are the same size. A solar eclipse is an amazing event!

Use the words below to fill-in-the-blanks.

eclipse; sun; moon; Earth; shadow
The Moon's                            falls on Earth during a solar eclipse.
The                            is much closer to Earth than the Sun.
The word solar best relates to the word                           .
Even through the Sun is much larger than the Moon, from                            they appear to be the same size.
During a solar                            the Moon blocks light from the Sun.

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