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Adhesive Test (Continuing Education)

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Adhesive Test

When constructing cabinet drawers and using a rabbeted joint to connect the sides of the drawer and the back of the drawer, what else must be added to the joint to increase it's strength?

To cut down on the amount of fasteners used, as well as to prevent future screw and nail pops an                        can be used between the framing members and the gypsum board.
When wood glue is applied to a joint, if done correctly the connection can be stronger than the wood itself.
  1. True
  2. False
When creating a tight bond between wood and metal what would be the best type of adhesive to use? This adhesive also expands slightly to fill any voids or cracks.
  1. Yellow glue
  2. Urethane glue
  3. Construction mastic
  4. Contact cement
Describe the process when using contact cement to bond two pieces of material.

What is generally referred to as glue, however is actually considered a mastic
  1. Yellow wood glue
  2. Tile adhesive
  3. Construction adhesive
  4. Urethane glue
Why is construction adhesive added between floor sheathing and floor joists? It is also used for wood frame stair construction.
  1. Prevent squeeks
  2. Prevent nail pops
  3. Creates a more structurally sound floor system
  4. All of the above
Why is it important to use the correct adhesives on the materials they were intended for?
  1. Ensures a proper bond and no negative chemical reactions
  2. Ensure the colours match correctly
  3. Ensure the product does not off gas
  4. Ensures the person installing it does not get harmed
What tool is used to spread mastic when installing vinyl floor tiles?
  1. Notched trowel
  2. Un notched trowl
  3. Float
  4. Does not matter
What is the best type of adhesive to use when a moisture and uv resistant is required?
  1. Construction adhesive
  2. Urethane glue
  3. Regular wood glue
  4. Contact cement

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