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Little Elephant Tries to Fit In (Grade 2)

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Little Elephant Tries to Fit In by Christine McLauchlan

Animal - Elephant Mother Elephant was busy packing Little Elephant's lunch bag for his first day of school.

"I'm really nervous," Little Elephant said. "What if I don't fit in?"

"You'll be just fine, Little Elephant. It's a nice school and I'm sure you will find new friends," Mother Elephant said softly as she kissed his forehead.

Mother Elephant walked Little Elephant to the bus stop. When the bus came, Mother Elephant gave Little Elephant a big hug and said, "I love you and will see you after school!"

Little Elephant walked up the stairs of the bus. When he looked around, he saw nothing but yellow. The bus was full of ducks! All Little Elephant could hear was quacking.

Quack! Quack!

Little Elephant did not understand what they were saying.

Little Elephant squeezed into a seat near the front of the bus, and a frown began to form on his face.

"Hey there," a small voice said from behind Little Elephant's seat. "Are you new here?"

This startled Little Elephant. He turned around to see a small duck smiling at him.

"Yes, I moved here last week. It's my first day of school," Little Elephant replied.

"Oh! You must be very nervous. My name is Little Duck and I can be your friend!" Little Duck said with great enthusiasm.

"But I'm so different," Little Elephant said. "I'm so big and you're so little. I have rough skin and you have soft feathers. Where I moved from, everyone looked like me. I don't think I can fit in here." Little Elephant had sadness in his heart as he talked.

Little Duck frowned for a moment. Then he smiled as he looked up at his new friend. "Well, we both have two eyes!" Little Duck exclaimed.

Little Elephant looked at Little Duck and felt a smile start to form at the edge of his lips.

"We both have two ears and one nose," Little Duck continued. "And I bet that you like recess just like me."

"I love recess," Little Elephant said softly.

The bus came to a stop and Little Elephant looked at his new school. It was made of bricks and there was a beautiful garden filled with sunflowers. A teacher walked along the sidewalk. She looked very friendly.

"I will find you at recess and we can play a game together," Little Duck said as he collected his things.

All of the ducks waddled towards their classrooms and a teacher waddled over to Little Elephant.

"You must be our new student!" Teacher Duck said with excitement.

"Yes, my name is Little Elephant," Little Elephant replied.

Teacher Duck took Little Elephant's hand and led him to his new classroom.

"Do you have any questions before we go inside?" Teacher Duck asked.

"Yes," Little Elephant replied with a smile on his face. "How long until recess?"
How did Little Elephant feel at the beginning of the story?
  1. sad
  2. happy
  3. excited
  4. nervous
It was Little Elephant's
  1. birthday.
  2. summer vacation.
  3. first day of school.
  4. first trip away from home.
When Little Elephant got on the bus, what did he see?
  1. mean faces
  2. a lot of ducks
  3. no empty seats
  4. another elephant
What is one way Little Elephant was different from Little Duck?
  1. He was big.
  2. He was friendly.
  3. He was in kindergarten.
  4. He did not like to go to recess.
What is one way Little Elephant was the same as Little Duck?
  1. He was nervous.
  2. He liked to go to recess.
  3. He was in the same class.
  4. He packed a banana for lunch.
Draw a picture of Little Duck and Little Elephant at recess. Write two sentences to explain what they are doing.
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