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The Pearl - Chap. 1 (Grade 9)

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The Pearl - Chap. 1

How did Kino feel when the book first opened?
  1. sad
  2. tired
  3. good
  4. scared
At the beginning of the story, Kino heard the song of
  1. love.
  2. family.
  3. good and evil.
  4. wealth and prosperity.
What caused the mood of the chapter to change?
  1. a fire
  2. a scorpion
  3. a glorious pearl
  4. a wandering man
Why did the neighbors come to the house?
  1. They saw the fire.
  2. They heard the baby's screams.
  3. They wanted to see the pearl Kino found.
  4. They were invited to celebrate Kino's birthday.
They sent for the doctor. The doctor
  1. refused to come.
  2. sent his nurse instead.
  3. could not save the baby.
  4. was out of town on business.
Kino and Juana went to the doctor, but they
  1. could not find where he lived.
  2. did not have any money to pay him.
  3. left the baby at home with their relatives.
  4. were arrested for being in the wrong part of town.
The doctor agreed to see the baby.
  1. True
  2. False
What did Kino feel at the end of the chapter? (Choose all that apply)
  1. joy
  2. calm
  3. hope
  4. shame
  5. frustration
  6. confidence
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