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Mr. Owl and the Pelican Express by Jacob Grube (Grade 2)

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Mr. Owl and the Pelican Express by Jacob Grube

Back in the day there was an owl,
The one and only Mr. Owl.
He loved when he got packages,
And loved to give them too.

After his graduation from flight school,
Everyone asked Mr. Owl,
"What kind of job do you want?"
"What do you want to be?"

He thought about his love of gifts,
And how much joy they bring.
So he said to them with a big grin,
"I'll be a mailman!"

“I love to get and give presents,
and I’m quick and quiet too!
I can fly day and night, look all around,
And I have big eyes to see!”

But still they laughed and said to him,
"Only pelicans do that!
That's why the only post office
Is the Pelican Express!"

But Mr. Owl didn't care,
He knew what he wanted to do.
So he went to the post office,
Got the job, and started the next day.

On his first day he put on his vest,
But it was way too big.
The pelicans laughed said to each other,
“This will surely be a HOOT!”

When they all flew out to deliver their share,
Mr. Owl fell far behind.
The pelicans all finished by 4,
But Mr. Owl was out ‘til 9.

But Mr. Owl did not fret,
He practiced day and night.
Pretty soon he could keep up,
And beat the pelicans!

Day after day, Mr. Owl flew,
And delivered hundreds of letters.
He was as good as all the pelicans,
But still felt out of place.

One late, late night, when his friends were up,
He heard them all say,
“I wish we could get our packages at night,
And get a good day’s sleep!”

Mr. Owl got a great idea,
And couldn’t wait to try it!
He’d deliver letters and packages by night,
When the owls were all awake.

The next day when he got to work,
He flew to the Headmaster’s office.
“I want to deliver to the owls,” he said,
“At night when they’re awake!”

The Headmaster thought, “What a great idea!”
“Why didn’t I think of it first?”
“But you’ll have to do it alone,” he said,
“The pelicans need to sleep!”

That very night, Mr. Owl flew,
And delivered to his friends.
They were all so happy to get their gifts,
And a good day’s sleep too!

Pretty soon, the owls sent,
More, and more, and more.
Mr. Owl could barely keep up!
But more owls joined the crew.

With pelicans by day and owls by night,
Letters came through quick.
And that is how Mr. Owl,
Changed the Pelican Express!
What did Mr. Owl love to do?
  1. stay up all night
  2. give packages to others
  3. fly around all day and night
  4. teach students at the local school
Why had an owl never been a mailman?
  1. He was too old.
  2. He was too smart.
  3. Only pelicans were mailmen.
  4. There were not any mailman jobs open.
How did Mr. Owl change the mail service?
  1. He delivered packages faster.
  2. He delivered packages at night.
  3. He delivered packages right to the door.
  4. He delivered packages to his other owl friends.
How did the pelicans feel about Mr. Owl working at the post office?

Was Mr. Owl a good mailman? Explain.

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