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Possessive S (Grade 3)

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Possessive S

Instructions: Choose the correct possessive form of the word.

How many                 of gum do you have left?
  1. piece
  2. pieces
  3. piece's
Do these hair ties belong to Jenny? Are they                ?
  1. her
  2. hers
  3. her's
My                 favorite food is steak.
  1. husband
  2. husbands
  3. husband's
How much                 did Manny have to eat?
  1. chocolate
  2. chocolates
  3. chocolate's
There's                 house, on the right.
  1. Blake
  2. Blakes
  3. Blake's
                car broke down yesterday.
  1. Ian
  2. Ians
  3. Ian's
The teacher handed back the                 their tests.
  1. student
  2. students
  3. student's
We're all sick and need some tissues. Do you have any                ?
  1. tissue
  2. tissues
  3. tissue's
My                 toys are everywhere!
  1. children
  2. childrens
  3. children's
My                 are buying a new house.
  1. parent
  2. parents
  3. parent's
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