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Story Elements (Grade 3)

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Story Elements

The events that make up a story are part of the story's                .
  1. plot
  2. point
  3. action
  4. setting
What are three major parts of story structure?
  1. Drawing conclusions, infer, predict
  2. Drawing conclusions, plot, middle
  3. Characters, setting, plot
  4. Characters, plot, infer
When you read a text or a story that contains important information and facts, what is the author's purpose?
  1. to persuade
  2. to entertain
  3. to inform
  4. to make you sad
When a story is told using First Person Point of View, the narrator is usually a character in the story.
  1. True
  2. False
The person that is TELLING the story is called the:
  1. character
  2. narrator
  3. illustrator
Pictures found on a book or text's cover and/or within it are called:
  1. maps
  2. graphs
  3. illustrations
  4. charts
Which part of a book would you use to locate the title of each chapter and the page number where each chapter begins?
  1. title page
  2. table of contents
  3. glossary
  4. index
The events that make up a story are part of the story's                .
  1. plot
  2. action
  3. setting
  4. force
Making inferences from a reading selection is also called                                       .
  1. dangling modifiers
  2. drawing conclusions
  3. acting out
  4. drawing pictures
The                 is where a story takes place.
  1. plot
  2. conclusion
  3. setting
  4. product
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