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Founders of Faith: The Buddha (Grade 5)

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Founders of Faith: The Buddha

The founder of Buddhism was
  1. Siddhartha Gautama.
  2. Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh.
  3. Dalai Lama.
  4. Sri Lanka.
Gautama later became known as
  1. the Buddha.
  2. Pharaoh.
  3. God.
  4. the Prophet.
What is the meaning of the title "Buddha"?
  1. Important One
  2. Fasting One
  3. Enlightened One
  4. Suffering One
Most of what is known about the life of Siddhartha Gautama comes from Buddhist holy texts and legends.
  1. True
  2. False
Although it is uncertain, Gautama was probably born in the
  1. 14th century AD, Mali Empire, Africa.
  2. 10th century AD, Byzantine Empire, Eurasia.
  3. 1st century BC, Roman Empire, Europe.
  4. 6th century BC Magadha Kingdom, Northern India.
Gautama was raised in a very                      family which rarely experienced suffering or poverty.
Though his rich family provided everything he wanted, Gautama was moved by
  1. the great athletes of his time.
  2. the tremendous suffering he saw around him.
  3. the beautiful nature of his surroundings.
  4. the artwork in his family's palace.
Unsatisfied by the luxurious life of his family, why did Gautama leave his home?

One day while meditating under a Bodhi tree, Gautama found
  1. the answers to life's questions.
  2. enlightenment.
  3. God.
  4. truth.
The Buddha's teachings were known as
  1. the Disciplines.
  2. gospels.
  3. vedas.
  4. dharma.
The Buddha also taught his followers the Four Noble                                  .
The Buddha taught his followers that the end of suffering could be achieved by following a(n)                                Path.
  1. Simple
  2. Narrow
  3. Eightfold
  4. Complicated

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