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Who is Donald Trump ? (Grade 9)

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Who is Donald Trump ?

Donald Trump is a candidate for president of the United States from which party?

Before becoming president, Donald Trump never held public office.
  1. True
  2. False
Before becoming president, Donald Trump was a
  1. school teacher.
  2. lawyer.
  3. businessman.
  4. social worker.
Donald Trump was born in
  1. New York City.
  2. Los Angeles.
  3. Chicago.
  4. Las Vegas.
Donald Trump's campaign slogan in 2016 was "Make America                 Again," and in 2020 his slogan is "Keep America                ."
  1. Great
  2. Fed
  3. Hungry
  4. Alive
In his attempts to repeal all or part of Obamacare, Donald Trump says he has worked to improve access to affordable quality
  1. public transportation.
  2. housing.
  3. entertainment.
  4. health care.
To make U.S. companies competitive on the world stage, Donald Trump says he                 the corporate tax rate.
  1. cut
  2. raised
  3. kept
  4. eliminated
What is Donald Trump's main priority with regard to immigration?

Although once pro-choice, Donald Trump now supports the                                viewpoint.
In the area of gun control, Donald Trump's conservative stance has garnered the approval of
  1. the National Rifle Association.
  2. the National Right-to-Life Association.
  3. Brady.
  4. Giffords.

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