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The Scientific Method (Grade 10)

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The Scientific Method

The scientific method is a model or guide used to solve problems.
  1. True
  2. False
The last step in the scientific method is to
  1. construct a hypothesis.
  2. do background research.
  3. communicate the results.
  4. ask a question.
Which step is NOT in the scientific method?
  1. observation
  2. forming a bias
  3. experimentation
  4. data collection and analysis
When referring to scientific activities, the best definition of the term observation is an act of
  1. stating an opinion about something.
  2. seeing something from a new point of view.
  3. paying attention to a custom or tradition.
  4. gathering information by paying attention to facts or occurrences.
Which of the following is an observation?
  1. The leaves on the tree are green.
  2. Baseball is fun.
  3. Roses are pretty.
  4. My dog is the best.
Which statement is a quantitative observation?
  1. My waist size is 31 inches.
  2. My eyes are brown.
  3. The flame is flickering.
  4. Chemistry is an easy subject.
A personal opinion that can affect an observation is a
  1. scientific law.
  2. bias.
  3. variable.
  4. hypothesis.
A verified theory that has stood the test of time is called a hypothesis.
  1. True
  2. False
A hypothesis is an educated guess that must be
  1. testable.
  2. proven true.
  3. made into a theory.
  4. made into a law.
A hypothesis is a(n)                 of the outcome of the experiment.
  1. observation
  2. mistake
  3. conclusion
  4. prediction
How do you test an hypothesis?
  1. gather data
  2. make a graph
  3. perform an experiment
  4. record results
A scientific explanation based on many observations during repeated experiments is a
  1. theory.
  2. law.
  3. model.
  4. hypothesis.
This is a scientific explanation that is used to predict the behavior of natural phenomenon in a way that always seems true.
  1. theory
  2. law
  3. model
  4. hypothesis
Scientists use the scientific method to investigate problems. Write the order in which an investigation is carried out.

hypothesis - purpose - conclusion - experiment - results

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