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The Human Ear (Grade 8)

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The Human Ear

Write the letter (A - L) that represents each structure.

Ear Diagram

           auditory or Eustachian tube


           cochlear nerve

           external auditory canal

           incus or anvil

           malleus or hammer

           round window

           semicircular canals

           stapes or stirrup

           tympanic cavity

           tympanic membrane or eardrum

           vestibular nerve
Which structure is NOT part of the ear?
  1. maxilla
  2. hammer
  3. anvil
  4. stirrup
The part of the ear that collects sound is the
  1. ear drum, or vibrating structure.
  2. nerve.
  3. brain.
  4. outer ear.
Your brain interprets signals from the                                    as sound.
  1. eardrums
  2. three bones in the middle ear
  3. tiny hairs that affect nerve cells
  4. inner ears
Which part of the ear helps you the most to maintain your balance and stay upright?
  1. cochlea
  2. eustachian tube
  3. tympanic membrane
  4. semicircular canals
The                     enable the air pressure to equalize between the middle ear and the outside world.
  1. cochlea
  2. eustachian tubes
  3. tympanic membranes
  4. semicircular canals
Where are sound waves changed into the electrical signals that travel to your brain?
  1. eardrum
  2. hammer
  3. cochlea
  4. stirrup
The three small bones of the inner ear are the
  1. cochlear bones.
  2. tympanic bones.
  3. basilar ossicles.
  4. auditory ossicles.
The outermost part of the ear is the
  1. cochlea.
  2. eardrum.
  3. pinna.
  4. incus.

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