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Eastern Philosophies (Grade 6)

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Eastern Philosophies

In Shintoism, what are the "KAMI"?

Hinduism is a major religion in which country?
  1. Argentina
  2. India
  3. Thailand
  4. Zimbabwe
During the Tang Dynasty, who served as China's government officials?
  1. Merchants
  2. Confucian scholars
  3. Landowners
  4. Nomads
Confucius taught that a stable, peaceful society is built on                                                               .
  1. good land.
  2. the idea that you only get ahead if you know the right people.
  3. five key relationships.
  4. a strong, absolute leader.
Daoists believe that the Dao can only be                               .
  1. bought.
  2. earned through out a lifetime.
  3. experienced and felt.
  4. given to you by someone.
Legalism is a
  1. 4,000 mile long ancient trade route linking China to the Mediterranean.
  2. person who works for the government.
  3. Chinese philosophy that emphasizes strict obedience to the law.
  4. Chinese religion that stresses respect towards others.
According to Buddhists, how does one reach enlightenment, or nirvana?
  1. By asking for it
  2. By being reborn and suffering over and over
  3. By going to school and getting a degree
  4. With good behavior in this lifetime.
How did Siddhartha Gautama try to find wisdom?
  1. By talking to people about heaven.
  2. By living without any comforts
  3. By reading books about religion.
  4. By getting a job on a farm.
Reincarnation is the belief that individuals come back to earth to live many times in different forms. How does one end this continual cycle according to Buddhism?
  1. By reaching Nirvana.
  2. By following the teachings of the Vedas.
  3. By Karma.
  4. By being part of the caste system.
The Dalai Lama is a spiritual leader for which religion?
  1. Buddhism
  2. Hinduism
  3. Islam
  4. Judaism
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