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Which continent am I? (Grade 7)

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Which continent am I?

Write the number of the continent being described in the text below.
I am contain countries such as Peru, Chile, and Paraguay. I am fourth in land size among the the seven continents and contain almost 400 million inhabitants. My land borders the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west. We have a history of colonization, which has led to a variety of different languages spoken in my countries. We have a rich history of advanced civilizations before our encounter with other cultures.

Which continent am I?                                 
I am located entirely in the southern hemisphere. I was once a penal colony, but I have grown to become one of the most successful economies in the world.

Which continent am I?                         
I am home to mainland nations such as Canada and The United States, and island nations such as Cuba and Aruba. I am the third largest continent in the world.

Which continent am I?                                 
I am a continent that borders two oceans and the Mediterranean Sea. I contain countries such as Egypt, Zambia, and Senegal. My history is filled with powerful and advanced civilizations that were prosperous for centuries before our interaction with other peoples. The last 150 years have brought us colonization and eventual freedom. But for many of my people, recent history has been filled with civil war, disease, and famine.

Which continent am I?                   
I am home to countries such as China, Japan, and India. I am the largest continent in size. My inhabitants are responsible for some of the most important inventions known to man, such as papermaking, gunpowder, and printing. We also contain many growing economies and populations, leading many to believe that we will be the dominant continent in years to come.

Which continent am I?               
I am the home to countries such as France, Germany, Portugal, and Poland. My inhabitants explored the rest of the globe, reaching places like the Caribbean and India with our superior sailing technology.

Which continent am I?                   
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