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Baseball in April (Grade 7)

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Baseball in April

Why didn't Gilbert go and see Karate Kid, Part Two?
  1. He was too busy
  2. Gilbert was disappointed in the movies
  3. His mom said no
  4. He was embarrassed to go after what happened
Why did Gilbert want to quit karate classes?
  1. the classes were boring
  2. he couldn't figure out the moves
  3. he was tired
  4. the kids were bullying him
Gilbert is                 that the karate instructor is ineffective.
  1. angry
  2. disappointed
  3. nervous
  4. amazed
What is Gilbert's explanation for his failing use of the Karate Kid kick?
  1. he thinks he isn't strong enough
  2. he doesn't have a teacher like the Karate Kid
  3. he doesn't know; he's confused
  4. Gilbert believes he needs more practice
After getting hit by Pete the Heat, why does Gilbert stay on the ground with his eyes closed?
  1. he has something in his eye
  2. Gilbert is embarrassed about getting beat up
  3. he is hoping Patricia would help him up
  4. he is knocked out
Why does Raymundo stand by and let Gilbert get hit by Pete the Heat?
  1. He thinks Gilbert can take care of himself
  2. Raymundo wants Gilbert to learn a lesson
  3. Gilbert asks him to stand back
  4. He believes it's Gilbert's fight, not his
Why did Gilbert stand up to "Pete the Heat" in the cafeteria?
  1. he felt brave after watching "The Karate Kid"
  2. his cousin told him he could beat him up
  3. Pete the Heat was a small fourth grader
  4. his friends said they would help beat him up
Why did Sarah Glare say she was in training?
  1. She was recovering from an accident
  2. She wanted to be in the Olympics
  3. She wanted to be a concert pianist
  4. She raced championship horses
When they saw the crowd of people, the boys discovered:
  1. there was a gang shooting
  2. the bank had been robbed
  3. a Spanish Band-Aid commercial was being shot
  4. Chuck Norris was signing autographs
When he was learning to ride a bicycle, Bentley went around a corner and:
  1. hit a curb
  2. ran into a girl
  3. bumped into a car
  4. hit a dog
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