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Circle Terminology (Grade 10)

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Circle Terminology

Which part of the circle is shown?
Circle with Center Point
  1. radius
  2. center
  3. diameter
Name the part shown on the circle.
Circle with Diameter
  1. radius
  2. diameter
  3. arc
Look at the circle. The line segment appears to be
Circle with Radius
  1. an arc.
  2. a perimeter.
  3. a radius.
  4. a diameter.
Line segment AB is called a/an                .
Circle with Chord AB
  1. arc
  2. sector
  3. chord
  4. diameter
What are line segments AE and AD called?
Circle with Two Secants ABCDE
  1. Tangents
  2. Secants
  3. Cosecants
  4. Diameters
  5. Chords
Which term best describes segments BA and BC?
Two Tangents AB and CB
  1. chords
  2. secants
  3. tangents
  4. diameters
In circle O, which is the chord?
Circle ABCD
  1. AB
  2. OD
  3. AC
  4. AO
Which is an inscribed angle?
Circle ABCD
  1. [math]ang CAB[/math]
  2. [math]ang ADO[/math]
  3. [math]ang DAB[/math]
  4. [math]ang BOD[/math]
Write the name of the following using the circle shown:

Name of the circle           


2 Radii            and           

Circle ABC
The line drawn across this circle is a diameter. The two arcs defined by this line are called                              and their degree measure is            .
Circle with Diameter

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