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Mixed Vocabulary Practice (Grade 3)

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Mixed Vocabulary Practice

Which word is an antonym for the word "strange?"
  1. weird
  2. shiftless
  3. normal
  4. different
What does the capitalized word most likely mean?
CHILL the fruit.
  1. cut
  2. stir
  3. cool
  4. cook
Read the sentence.

"The can leap from tree to tree."

Which word means the same as "leap" as it is used in the sentence?
  1. drop
  2. jump
  3. walk
  4. wave
Which of the following is an antonym of noisy?
  1. loud
  2. hot
  3. quiet
  4. fun
  1. kicked out
  2. bottomless
  3. owned
  4. helped
Which word is an antonym for "forget?"
  1. recent
  2. remember
  3. round
  4. ridiculous
What does the capitalized word most likely mean?
A PEBBLE on the beach
  1. long stick
  2. turtle nest
  3. small stone
  4. shiny shell
Which one is correct about the word "disappeared"?
  1. "dis" is a prefix
  2. "ed" is a suffix
  3. "appear" is the root word
  4. all
The runner did not drink enough water and his body felt very weak. He thought he was going to faint.

FAINT means:
  1. die
  2. become unconscious
  3. stop talking
  4. wake up
Don't forget to season the steak with salt before you put it on the grill.

Which definition of SEASON best fits the sentence above?
  1. become better at something
  2. a sequence of football games
  3. a certain time of year
  4. add flavoring
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