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Prepositions (Grade 3)

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Instructions: In the sentences below, which word or words are prepositions?

Find the preposition. The cat is hiding in the closet.
  1. The
  2. in
  3. hiding
Find the preposition. My dog hid behind my legs.
  1. hid
  2. my
  3. behind
Find the preposition. After the movies, we walked home.
  1. After
  2. the
  3. home
Find the preposition. Congratulations to the whole class!
  1. class
  2. the
  3. to
Find the preposition. We sang without stopping once.
  1. once
  2. without
  3. sang
Find the preposition. Our family went on vacation last week.
  1. our
  2. on
  3. family
Find the preposition. She finished her homework before 8:00 PM.
  1. She
  2. her
  3. before
Find the preposition. I walked into the room happily.
  1. into
  2. walked
  3. I
  4. happily
Find the preposition. The cat walked along the fence carefully.
  1. along
  2. carefully
  3. cat
Find the preposition. The kids loved jumping on the trampoline.
  1. loved
  2. the
  3. on
Find the preposition. Both classes were ready for the field trip.
  1. for
  2. both
  3. trip
What is the preposition in the following sentence?

Bill read the book during class.
  1. Bill
  2. class
  3. during
Find the preposition. They went inside when it started raining.
  1. inside
  2. they
  3. it
Find the preposition. Sarah got a new pair of shoes.
  1. a
  2. of
  3. got
Find the preposition. The teacher waited until everyone was finished.
  1. until
  2. The
  3. was
Find the preposition. That sweater is one of my favorites.
  1. that
  2. of
  3. favorites
Find the preposition. Eat a snack before you play soccer.
  1. eat
  2. before
  3. a
Find the preposition. They planted flowers all around the yard.
  1. around
  2. the
  3. They
Find the prepositions. Mary and I lived near each other for four years.
  1. and, I
  2. Mary, other
  3. near, for
Find the prepositions. Molly searched for her project around the house.
  1. searched, Molly
  2. the, her
  3. for, around

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