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Characters in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (Grade 7)

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Characters in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

               is shunned by the students at school because he was the one who told things that got Mary Logan fired.
  1. Melvin Simms
  2. T.J. Avery
  3. Jeremy Simms
  4. Daisey Crocker
What the school board said was the reason for Mary Logan being fired from her teaching job...
  1. She wasn't teaching what the book said
  2. She was always late getting to school
  3. She spanked children
  4. She didn't do a good job teaching the children
               have to back off of Soldier's Bridge when the Packard the Logans are in gets on the bridge.
  1. The Averys
  2. The Simms
  3. The Wallaces
  4. The Grangers
Whose car did Cassie and Stacey find in their barn after their trip to Strawberry?
  1. Papa's
  2. Mr. Granger's
  3. Mr. Jamison's
  4. Uncle Hammer's
               kept Cassie from getting into a lot of trouble on her first visit to Strawberry.
  1. Stacey
  2. T.J.
  3. Big Ma
  4. Mr. Jamison
The real reason Mary Logan was fired from her teaching job...
  1. She covered some pages in the textbooks
  2. She was getting people to shop in Vicksburg
  3. She was paid too much money
  4. She didn't like Miss Crocker
               pretends to be Lillian Jean's friend but is only doing it to get back at Lillian Jean.
  1. Stacey
  2. Cassie
  3. T.J.
  4. Jeremy
When this character was six years old, his parents were killed by nightmen.
  1. Papa Logan
  2. Mr. Jamison
  3. Mr. Morrison
  4. Mr. Avery
               tells the Logans that he can't shop in Vicksburg anymore or he might get thrown off the land he works on.
  1. Mr. Avery
  2. Mr. Simms
  3. Mr. Berry
  4. Mr. Morrison
               prevented Uncle Hammer from getting into trouble because of the problems Cassie had in Strawberry.
  1. Mr. Morrison
  2. Mr. Granger
  3. Mr. Jamison
  4. Mr. Simms
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