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The Kite Runner (Grades 11-12)

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The Kite Runner

As Baba, Amir, and the others wait to cross the border, Hosseini describes the "bone-colored moon" that "hung in the sky." What tone does this create?
  1. peaceful
  2. sorrowful
  3. playful
  4. fearful
  5. restful
When the Russian soldier is described as having a "face like a bulldog's" the reader is most likely to conclude that he is...
  1. funny.
  2. cute.
  3. mean.
  4. playful.
  5. attractive.
What does Hosseini most likely foreshadow when he alludes to the life of Hitler through Assef's gift to Amir?
  1. the upheaval of Amir's life.
  2. the arrival of Hassan's mother.
  3. Amir's trip back to Afghanistan.
  4. the death of Baba.
  5. Amir's frustration.
What is ironic about Baba's calling Amir's tormentor Assef jan?
  1. Assef jan is not his name.
  2. Baba does not like Assef.
  3. The two are not related.
  4. Baba does not say Amir jan.
  5. Baba knows all about Assef.
Assef goes out of his way to tell Baba that he plays center forward because "you get to score more that way," making the reader think that Assef is...
  1. talented.
  2. a team player.
  3. depressed.
  4. arrogant.
  5. a team leader.
When Hosseini describes Assef as "looming over both [his parents]" and "their son frightened them" the reader is to conclude that Assef is
  1. tall.
  2. powerful.
  3. cruel.
  4. intelligent.
  5. angry.
The simile describing Hassan holding "the kite high over his head, like an Olympic athlete showing his gold medal" is ironic because Hassan is...
  1. going to be beaten badly today.
  2. not a talented athlete.
  3. not good at flying kites.
  4. very fearful.
  5. thinking that Amir will fail.
What is ironic about the simile comparing the crowd chanting in support of Amir to Romans chanting for gladiators at the end of the passage?
  1. Amir has already cut himself with the glass string.
  2. The Romans have nothing to do with 20th century Afghanistan.
  3. This is a simple kite fight that will not involve killing.
  4. The crowd knows that Amir is considered weak by his father.
  5. Amir already knows he will win.
When Amir describes shaking Raymond's hand as "squeezing a sparrow" the reader is most likely to conclude that Raymond is...
  1. beautiful.
  2. musical.
  3. fragile.
  4. flighty.
  5. happy.
What mood does Hosseini create by using short sentences and sentence fragments as the kite fight comes to an end?
  1. fearful
  2. desperate
  3. anticipatory
  4. exhilarated
  5. frustrated
When Amir says that he smells salvation and redemption, he most likely means that...
  1. he will be able to forgive himself for being a coward.
  2. his sins will be forgiven, and, if there is a God, he will be saved.
  3. his father will forgive him for not being the son of his dreams if he wins.
  4. Hassan will forgive him for his cruelty and will run the kite for him.
  5. Ali will forgive him for being a coward and will let him play with Hassan.
The mood created by Hosseini's description of the crowd watching the kite fighting can best be described as
  1. excited
  2. nervous
  3. cheerful
  4. fearful
  5. peaceful
When the young woman's husband kisses Baba's hand, Amir says that he has seen this happen many times, making the reader conclude that Baba
  1. frightens people.
  2. inspires people.
  3. is related to royalty.
  4. makes people ashamed.
  5. demands respect.
Baba is described as eclipsing the moonlight when he stands to defend the young wife, making the reader conclude that he is...
  1. heroic.
  2. angry.
  3. tall.
  4. intimidating.
  5. mean.
What does the pomegranate tree symbolize to Amir and Hassan? How does it create this symbol?

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