This printable supports Common Core ELA Standards CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.4.3, CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.3.7

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Character Traits (Grade 3)

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Character Traits

Give Joann a group of people and she will make then laugh.

Which word best describes Joann?
  1. witty
  2. deceitful
  3. lazy
It wasn't enough for Christopher to just play with his toys; he always took them apart to see how they worked.

Which word best describes Christopher?
  1. curious
  2. joyful
  3. dishonest
  4. selfish
Lindsay shouted at the others in anger when they didn't follow her directions.

Which word best describes Lindsay?
  1. unfriendly
  2. neat
  3. carefree
Realizing the young girl couldn't swim, the onlooker dove into the cold, dark water to save her.

Which word best describes the onlooker?
  1. brave
  2. deceitful
  3. pride
The night before her birthday, Sheila begged her parents to let her open just one present.

Which word best describes Sheila?
  1. trusting
  2. jolly
  3. impatient
Shannon stood up to the older boy at the bus stop when he tried to take Shannon's little brother's art project.

Which word best describes Shannon?
  1. wise
  2. fierce
  3. unkind
Having to attend the new school and meet new friends didn't bother Sarah in the least.

Which word best describes Sarah?
  1. easygoing
  2. loyalty
  3. sense of duty
Realizing his son had not gotten out of the burning building, the father ran back inside.

Which word best describes the father?
  1. easygoing
  2. intelligent
  3. selfless
Acting just like a class clown, Jared went into school with all his clothes on backwards.

Which word best describes Jared?
  1. silly
  2. prideful
  3. evil
Even though she was sick and tired herself, Grandma spent the whole day taking care of her sick granddaughter: reading to her, wiping her forehead, and preparing chicken soup.

Which word best describes Grandma?
  1. selfish
  2. selfless
  3. silly

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