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Landforms (Grade 4)

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An area of new land at the mouth of a river, formed from sediments carried by the river is called the
  1. epicenter
  2. delta
  3. topography
  4. fault
A hill of sand, made and shaped by the wind is a
  1. jetty
  2. sand dune
  3. sinkhole
  4. delta
A body of water with land on all sides
  1. peninsula
  2. ocean
  3. island
  4. lake
A very flat land with grass and very few trees
  1. plain
  2. desert
  3. hill
  4. valley
Land that has water around three sides of it
  1. island
  2. valley
  3. peninsula
  4. ocean
               have fairly level surfaces but surfaces but stand high above sea level, often found near large mountain ranges.
  1. Prairies
  2. Plateaus
  3. Valleys
  4. Loess
A piece of land that is surrounded by water is a/an
  1. peninsula
  2. bay
  3. island
  4. plain
A butte is:
  1. a large mass of slow moving ice
  2. rock carried by wind, water or ice
  3. body of water partly enclosed by land
  4. a narrow-topped hill with very steep clifflike sides
What landform has a peak?
  1. Hill
  2. Plateau
  3. Mountain
  4. Valley
What is the landform or body of water called that is partly enclosed by land ( and is usually smaller than a gulf)?
  1. estuary
  2. fjord
  3. bay
  4. island
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