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Rotation, Reflection, and Translation (Grade 8)

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Rotation, Reflection, and Translation

The letter L when seen as a reflection is an example of a flip.
  1. True
  2. False
When the hour hand on the clock moves from the 12 to the 6, this is an example of a                .
  1. translation
  2. reflection
  3. rotation
To walk from your apartment to the library you must go three blocks west then two blocks north. This is an example of a                .
  1. rotation
  2. reflection
  3. translation
What figure is formed when a triangle has rotated 1/4 turn?
  1. circle
  2. square
  3. rectangle
  4. triangle
Which of the following letters looks the same after it is reflected?
  1. R
  2. J
  3. H
  4. P
Which of the following represents a rotation?
  1. riding a sled down a hill
  2. a fan blade on a moving fan
  3. the image of a tree on a lake
  4. jumping straight up
Which of the following is the best example of a translation?
  1. an ice skater spins in place
  2. a tightrope walker steps forward
  3. a gymnast presses into a handstand
  4. a tennis player pivots to hit the ball
Define the following words:




Draw a rectangle. Draw a second rectangle which is a 90 degree rotation of your first rectangle.

Draw a reflection of the letter K along a vertical axis.

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