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Astronomy Vocabulary (Grade 8)

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Astronomy Vocabulary

Instructions: Use the word bank below to fill in the vocabulary terms.

telescope, planet, meteor, moon, solar system, satellite, parallax, astronaut, galaxy, space, asteroid, comet, constellations, light year, nebula, sun, universe, star

A/an                    is a system of millions or billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction.

The                        is all heavenly bodies and space, including our solar system; the cosmos.

                 is the region beyond Earth's atmosphere.

A/an                    is a cloud of interstellar (between stars) gas and dust.

The                                is the collection of planets and their moons, plus smaller bodies, in orbit around the Sun.

                                   are any of the various groups of stars to which definite names have been given.
A/an                            is the distance light travels in one year, or about six trillion miles.

A/an                          is an arrangement of lenses and mirrors that gathers and magnifies visible light to aid in observing distant objects.

The apparent faster motion of objects closer to us when compared with the apparent slower motion of objects farther away is called                       .

A/an                          person trained to travel in spacecraft.
A/an                is a self-illuminated gaseous body of great size, that produces its own energy by nuclear fusion, and is usually shaped like a sphere.

A/an                is a heavenly body that orbits a planet or smaller body, called its primary.

A/an                    is a spherical, heavenly body in orbit around the Sun that is sufficiently far from other objects.

The              is the star that is the central body of the solar system.
A heavenly body composed of a nucleus of ice and dust and, when near the Sun, a "tail" of gas and dust particles pointing away from the sun is a/an                 .

A small, rocky body orbiting the Sun is called a/an                       .

Small body of matter from outer space that enters Earth's atmosphere and briefly appears as a streak of light is called a/an                   .

A natural or man-made object in orbit around Earth or another planet is called a/an                         .

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