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Characters in a Christmas Carol (Grade 8)

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Characters in a Christmas Carol

Which phrase best describes Ebenezer Scrooge?
  1. ugly and stupid
  2. cruel and unkind
  3. violent and ruthless
  4. All of the above
In a Christmas Carol, which character would be considered a foil for the main character, Scrooge?
  1. Scrooge's business partner, Marley
  2. Scrooge's nephew, Fred
  3. The ghost of Christmas past
  4. Tiny Tim
Which character trait could be used to describe Scrooge at the beginning of A Christmas Carol?
  1. caring
  2. timid
  3. stingy
  4. humble
What type of character is Scrooge?
  1. dynamic/flat
  2. static/flat
  3. dynamic/round
  4. static/round
Why does Scrooge like darkness?
  1. It helps him sleep.
  2. It helps him to forget his past.
  3. It hides the ghosts from his eyes.
  4. It is cheap.
How did Scrooge react when his nephew asked him to come for Christmas dinner?
  1. Are there no prisons, no workhouses?
  2. Sure, what time?
  3. Bah, humbug!
  4. I hope the goose is golden!
How does the Ghost of Christmas Future communicate with Scrooge?
  1. By staring him in the eyes until Scrooge guesses what the Ghost of Christmas Future wants.
  2. By writing on a note pad.
  3. By sending him text messages.
  4. By point his finger at something he wants Scrooge to notice.
Bob Cratchit meets Scrooge's nephew, Fred, on the street, and they share the news of the death of Tiny Tim and Scrooge. After this conversation between the two men, what does Bob Crachit say of Fred, Scrooge's nephew?
  1. He is just like his uncle.
  2. He was a busy man with a lot do for his uncle's funeral.
  3. He had a kind way about him that was quite delightful.
  4. He has become a rich man now with his uncle dead.
What was the "nickname" that Scrooge's business associates used to referred to him?
  1. Old Ebbie
  2. Old Scratch
  3. Miser Man
  4. Old Cold Heart
The "idol" that Belle says she was replaced in Scrooge's heart with was really:
  1. money
  2. his job
  3. another girl
What was the Cratchit home like when Scrooge visited it on Christmas Eve?
  1. A poor, yet happy home rich in love with many children and a nice Christmas dinner.
  2. A poor home with unhappy children.
  3. A poor home with no food for Christmas dinner.
  4. A rich home with lots of presents and grumpy people.
Which of the following is NOT a character trait of Scrooge?
  1. greedy
  2. grumpy
  3. compassionate
  4. mean-spirited
As a child, Scrooge was quite:
  1. happy and well cared for
  2. lonely and neglected
  3. shy and mischievous
The first spirit:
  1. takes Scrooge away from England
  2. represents Scrooge's past
  3. is the ghost of Tiny Tim
What "must be distinctly understood" about Marley?
  1. He is a kind soul.
  2. He wants Scrooge to dine with him on Christmas.
  3. He is dead.
  4. All of the above
What is the first thing The Ghost of Christmas Future says to Scrooge?
  1. "Come with me."
  2. "I will show you the grim future."
  3. "Come, see what your future will hold if you do not change your ways!"
  4. Nothing, he never speaks.
Why does Tiny Tim ride on his father's shoulders?
  1. He is short and wants to be up high so he can see better.
  2. He is crippled and cannot walk on his own.
  3. He is very spoiled.
  4. His father loves him so much that he wants to be near him all the time.
Fezziwig was:
  1. Scrooge's nephew
  2. Scrooge's old boss
  3. Scrooge's dad
How would Marley be described when he was alive?
  1. Friendly and outgoing
  2. Lonely and mean
  3. Full of Christmas cheer
Because of the main character, what does the term "Scrooge" mean in today's world?
  1. Someone who loves Christmas
  2. Someone who doesn't have the Christmas spirit
  3. Someone who is a grouch
  4. Both b and c
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