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The Hunger Games (Grade 7)

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The Hunger Games

Who does Katniss live with?
  1. Her parents
  2. Her parents and siblings
  3. Her mother and sister
  4. Her grandparents
The name Katniss comes from...
  1. A family tradition
  2. A plant
  3. A planet
  4. A favorite uncle
What do the Hunger Games commemorate?
  1. The Capitol's victory over the District
  2. The Fourth of July
  3. The First Olympics
  4. The District's victory over the Capitol
Why does Katniss keep up a romance with Peeta?

What happens during The Reaping?
  1. Children are chosen to be adopted.
  2. Crops are collected for the winter.
  3. Children are chosen to compete in the Hunger Games.
  4. Parents select which children to send to war.
Even though Katniss' father is dead, how did he help her during the games?

What item is a symbol of Katniss' bravery?
  1. A sword
  2. A mockingjay pin
  3. A special certificate
  4. A coat she wore
What weapon does Katniss use with great skill?
  1. A sword
  2. A gun
  3. A slingshot
  4. A bow and arrow
Do the people of Panem like the Hunger Games?

How would you feel if chosen to compete in the Hunger Games?

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