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School to Home Checklist (Grade 5)

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School to Home Checklist

Instructions: Tape this checklist inside your locker door or keep it where you can look it over at the end of each school day.

Use this checklist while packing at the end of the day to ensure you don't leave anything at school that you will need at home later.

[math]square[/math] Plan book filled in with homework assignments

[math]square[/math] Notebooks, binders, and folders

[math]square[/math] Textbooks

[math]square[/math] Handouts, notes, or permission slips from teacher or school for parents

[math]square[/math] Worksheets or papers from teachers that explain assignments

[math]square[/math] Calculator, phone or other tools or electronics

[math]square[/math] Instrument

[math]square[/math] Sports equipment

[math]square[/math] Gym clothes or other clothing like a hat, jacket, or boots

[math]square[/math] Other Items:

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