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Learning Styles Questionnaire (Grade 5)

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Learning Styles Questionnaire

Instructions: We all learn differently. Sometime we prefer one way of learning to another. Understanding how we like to learn helps can us become stronger students.

Write a check mark on the line before each statement that sounds like you. Add up the number of check marks on the total line at the bottom of each list.


           prefer to hear directions than read them

           tend to read problems out loud

           like listening to a story over reading the story myself

           usually listen to teacher but don't take many notes

           would rather give an oral presentation then write a report

           remember most of what I hear

           often talk to myself

           ask a lot of questions in class

           enjoy music and am good at picking out individual notes and tones

           often raise my hand or join in with class discussions


           prefer to read directions over listen to them

           would rather read a story to myself than listen to the teacher read it

           can easily understand maps, graphs, charts, and tables

           can visualize what people look like, places, and what I've read

           usually take notes during class

           tend to forget things people tell me

           find graphic organizers and concept maps helpful

           like art class better than music class

           doodle or draw frequently

           find it helpful when the teacher writes information on the board


           prefer to learn something by doing it over reading or listening about it

           like to chew gum or snack while doing homework

           am often fiddling with my pencil or pen during class

           learn better when I can move around

           look forward to gym class

           am coordinated

           tend to get up and walk around the classroom

           look forward to when teachers provide hands-on activities

           use my hands when I talk

           would rather demonstrate something I learned than talk about it

If you had the greatest number of checks for question one, you are most likely an auditory learner, meaning you prefer to learn by listening. Take advantage of your natural ability and listen closely when your teacher is speaking, choose oral presentations when given the option, participate in class discussions, and talk through work with classmates and parents.

If you had the greatest number of checks for question two, you are most likely a visual learner, meaning you prefer to learn by looking. Take advantage of your natural ability and carefully read directions and assigned reading, take detailed class notes, draw pictures and use concept maps to remember and organize information, and focus on what your teacher is saying by watching her facial expressions and paying close attention to any visual information provided or written on the board.

If you had the greatest number of checks for question three, you are most likely a kinesthetic learner, meaning you prefer to learn by moving. Take advantage of your natural ability and take part in hands-on activities when given the chance, take short breaks to move around when studying, and select assignments that allow you to build models or other physical projects.

Remember: Just because you may have scored higher for one learning style, doesn't mean you don't have the traits of the other styles as well. Try different strategies and see what works best for you!

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