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Organizational Skills Quiz (Grade 9)

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Organizational Skills Quiz

Instructions: How organized are you? Do you never forget to bring anything or school? Do you hand in every assignment on time? Take this quiz to assess your organizational skills. Rate yourself on each statement using the following scale:

4 - Always
3 - Usually
2 - Sometimes
1 - Never

           I use a planner to keep track of my homework.
           My planner is filled in with all of my homework assignments and upcoming tests, quizzes, and projects.
           I check my planner before I leave school each day.
           I prioritize my homework assignments and plan out when I will complete each one.
           When faced with a large project or test, I break it down into smaller tasks.
           When I do my homework, I have a dedicated, neat space to work that has all the materials I need to do my assignments.
           I have enough time to complete my homework each day.
           My locker is clean and I can find what I need in it easily.
           I clean out my backpack each night.
           I put everything I need for school in my backpack and am not rushed in the morning looking for missing items.
           At school, I can easily locate any items I need to do my work, like pencils, calculator, or books.
           When I get papers at school, I file them into a binder or folder for that class.
           I feel prepared when I walk into class.
           My teachers would say I am organized.
           My family would say I am organized.
Add up your total points for the above questions:           

46 - 60 Points: You should be an organizational coach! You have well developed strategies for organizing your materials and time. Keep up the great work!

31 - 45 Points: You have some solid organizational skills, but room for improvement. Look for times when you don't have the materials you need or feel disorganized. Ask a trusted adult to help you identify some strategies to help improve your organizational skills.

15 - 30 Points: Time to rein in the chaos! Ask a parent or teacher to help you establish some routines for organizing your materials and school work. It will take a little work, but once you develop your organizational skills you will feel more in control of your day and may even see improvement in your grades as well.
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