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Cause and Effect Scenarios (Grade 3)

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Cause and Effect Scenarios

Read the sentences.
Chris woke up to the sounds of thunder. He knew the class picnic would be canceled.

Which shows the effect?
  1. It was thundering.
  2. Chris couldn't sleep.
  3. The picnic would be canceled.
Since no one signed up for the school talent show, the teachers decided to cancel it and try again next year. What is the cause?
  1. No one signed up for the school talent show.
  2. They canceled the show.
  3. They will try again next year.
  4. Many kids signed up for the talent show.
Joan did not study for her test so she made an "F". What is the cause?
  1. She did not study.
  2. She played outside.
  3. She made an "F".
She slipped on the sidewalk because her shoes were untied. What is the cause?
  1. Banana peel
  2. Her shoes were untied
  3. She slipped
If a balloon gets stuck with a rose thorn, it will pop. What is the cause of the balloon popping?
  1. The rose thorn is sharp and sticks the balloon.
  2. The balloon starts floating away.
  3. The balloon is old.
  4. The rose thorn is too soft to pop the balloon.
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