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Charlotte's Web (Grade 3)

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Charlotte's Web

Everyone called it a                     when they saw the first words in Charlotte's web.
Who saved the pig from being killed?
  1. Avery
  2. Mr. Zuckerman
  3. Fern
  4. Mrs. Arable
Why did Mr. Arable want to slaughter the pig?
  1. He hates pigs.
  2. He wanted to eat bacon.
  3. The pig was a runt.
  4. Pigs are messy and dirty.
Templeton is a                
  1. horse
  2. goose
  3. lamb
  4. rat
What can Charlotte do that Wilbur cannot do?

Wilbur lives in the                
  1. city
  2. park
  3. barn
  4. mall
Which title of the book is capitalized correctly?
  1. charlotte's web
  2. charlotte's Web
  3. Charlotte's Web
  4. Charlotte's web
Describe Charlotte's plan to help Wilbur.

Describe how Templeton helped Charlotte with her plan.

Explain why Charlotte helped Wilbur.

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