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Pinocchio (Grade 3)

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The story begins with what 3 characters?
  1. The Fairy, Geppetto and Pinochio
  2. Master Cherry, Geppetto and Pinocchio
  3. Geppetto and Agostina
Who was Master Cherry?
  1. The local carpenter
  2. The local house maker
  3. The local butcher
To whom did Master Cherry give the wood?
  1. Lampwick
  2. Geppetto
  3. the Fairy
Why was the wood piece so strange?
  1. It could sing and dance.
  2. It could talk and feel.
  3. It had eyes and ears.
What did the toymaker do with the wood?
  1. He made a puppet.
  2. He made a toy soldier.
  3. He made a dancing doll.
When Pinocchio was born he was a real boy.
  1. True
  2. False
What happened to Pinocchio when he lied?
  1. His foot grew 2 cm.
  2. He sneezed.
  3. His eye twitched.
  4. His nose grew.
What was Pinocchio most afraid of?
  1. Fire
  2. Lightning and thunder
  3. Water
What kind of creature tries to give advice to Pinocchio?
  1. Dog
  2. Snake
  3. Cricket
  4. Bird
What swallows Pinocchio at the end of the story?
  1. Shark
  2. Lion
  3. Dinosaur
  4. Geppetto
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