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Covers (Grade 1)

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What is "Covers" about?
  1. Things that cover other things
  2. Things that keep other things warm
  3. Things that happen at night
  4. Things that you find around the house
What type of text is this?
  1. Story
  2. Poem
  3. Song
  4. Article
How are the windows and the blanket similar?
  1. They both help keep away the cold.
  2. They both cover up people.
  3. They both are found outside the house.
  4. They both are used at night.
"Nighttime covers all the things that creep."
The word creep in this poem sounds...
  1. Silly
  2. Spooky
  3. Sad
  4. Surprising
Which is something that is covered?
  1. Windows
  2. Sky
  3. Nighttime
  4. Blankets
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