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The Flower Garden (Grade 1)

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The Flower Garden

What are the little girl and her father buying flowers for?
  1. To plant them in a garden
  2. To plant them in a flower box
  3. To give them to her mother
  4. To give them to a neighbor
What is a trowel?
  1. A tool for scooping dirt
  2. A pitcher for pouring water
  3. A decoration for a garden
  4. A type of flower seed
What is a geranium?
  1. A tool for planting flowers
  2. A type of food for flowers
  3. A type of flower
  4. A garden decoration
Who do the little girl and her father want to surprise with their flowers?
  1. Her grandmother
  2. A sick friend
  3. The whole neighborhood
  4. Her mother
Where does the little girl live?
  1. In a house
  2. In an apartment
  3. In a cottage
  4. In a mobile home
Why do you think the people on the bus smile at the little girl and her father?

Why does the little girl have to plant her flowers in a window box instead of in the ground?

Which is NOT something the girl and her father buy?
  1. Soil
  2. Window box
  3. Water
  4. Plants
What special day is it?
  1. Valentine's Day
  2. Mother's birthday
  3. Christmas
  4. Fourth of July
What's your favorite type of flower?

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