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The Color of Water (Grades 11-12)

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The Color of Water

Which word sums up the theme of the novel?
  1. Invisibility
  2. Identity
  3. Family
  4. Racism
How does McBride's mother's inability to accept her race affect her children?

Which word best describes McBride's mother?
  1. Strong
  2. Confused
  3. Homely
  4. White
What did Ruth McBride Jordan rely on most when raising her children?
  1. Faith and family
  2. Prayer and friends
  3. Government assistance and church
  4. Her husband and parents
Why do you think Ruth failed to identify herself as white?

Which choice best represents the text's view of the past?
  1. The past can be respected and learned from
  2. The past is the past and should be forgotten
  3. The past is more desirable than the present
  4. The mistakes of the past completely determine the future
How did Ruth's experiences parallel the experience of many African-Americans, particularly when it came to prejudice?

Why does Ruth push her children to complete their education?
  1. It leads to a good job.
  2. It leads to being respected.
  3. It leads to independence.
  4. It leads to a happy life.
"The Color of Water" would be classified as which type of text?
  1. A bildungsroman
  2. A memoir
  3. A biography
  4. A historical fiction novel
McBride tells the story of his mother, but what does the story ultimately become?

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