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Hoops (Grade 8)

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Do you think Lonnie Jackson is a good role model for teen boys? Explain.

Which is NOT a theme found in the novel "Hoops"?
  1. Friendship
  2. Trust
  3. Perseverance
  4. Love
This book would be considered...
  1. An autobiography
  2. Realistic fiction
  3. Historical fiction
  4. A folktale
How does the use of slang enhance the story?

Describe Lonnie's relationship with his mother.

Using the Venn diagram below, compare and contrast Lonnie at the beginning of the novel with Lonnie at the end of the novel. Focus on how he changed.
Venn Diagram

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate vocabulary words from the novel.

WORD BANK: Tolerate, nonchalant, violent, ward off, static, liberty, shambles, stoop

1. Paul was often                     with girls.

2. Even if he decided not to drink with his friends, he was happy to be at                      to do so if he wanted.

3. Even though he didn't always like his mother, he had to                       her.

4. They put bars on the windows to                        potential burglars.

5. He promised himself he would never                 to the same level as his dad.

6. After the party, the house was in                       .

7. He had a                           attitude, nothing seemed to bother him.
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