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Stars: Temperature and Brightness (Grade 9)

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Stars: Temperature and Brightness

Star A has an absolute magnitude of -4.9. Star B has an apparent magnitude of -6.2. Which star is the shortest distance from Earth?
  1. Star A because it is brighter.
  2. Star B because it is brighter.
  3. Star A because it is bigger.
  4. There is not enough information to determine.
The measure of a star's brightness is called its
  1. color index.
  2. visual binary.
  3. magnitude.
  4. parallax.
Which of the following classes of stars would have the highest luminosity with a low temperature?
  1. Ia
  2. Ib
  3. II
  4. V
Which of the following stars would be hottest?
  1. O5
  2. O4
  3. M5
  4. M4
Apparent magnitude is
  1. a measure of the amount of light a star actually gives off.
  2. a light year.
  3. a measure of the amount of a star's light received on Earth.
  4. a temporary feature that comes and goes.
If two stars have the same absolute magnitude, which of the following must be true?
  1. They are the same distance from Earth.
  2. They have the same mass.
  3. They are the same temperature.
  4. None of the above
The H-R diagram plots star
  1. absolute magnitude vs. apparent magnitude.
  2. mass vs. absolute magnitude.
  3. luminosity vs. surface temperature.
  4. surface temperature vs. mass.
Which of the following stars is brightest?
  1. M= 3.9
  2. M= 5.2
  3. M= -1.7
  4. M= -2.3
If we compare two stars with different temperatures, the hotter star emits more energy from each unit area of surface, so it
  1. will be larger.
  2. will have a brighter absolute magnitude.
  3. will appear redder.
  4. will have a brighter apparent magnitude.
Which color stars have the highest surface temperature?
  1. red
  2. orange
  3. yellow
  4. blue

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