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The Right Stuff (Grade 9)

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The Right Stuff

Instructions: Answer the questions below after reading or watching "The Right Stuff."

Who was the first test pilot to successfully fly the X-1?

Why was John Glenn such an appealing candidate?

Who believed he was the best pilot you ever saw?

What did a pilot have to do to be memorialized on Pancho's wall?

Chuck Yeager wasn't chosen to be an astronaut. Why not?

Name one test that the astronauts had to undergo in the movie, The Right Stuff.

What were the spacecraft modifications the astronauts demanded?

How long did Alan Shepherd's flight, the first manned U.S. spacecraft, last?

What Mercury astronaut had a pulse rate of 170 at lift-off-John Glenn, Alan Shepard or Gus Grissom?

What was the most important accomplishment of the Apollo Missions?

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