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Preparing for a Test (Grade 7)

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Preparing for a Test

Paying attention in class and taking notes on a daily basis is the best way to prepare for a major test.
  1. True
  2. False
What are some cues your teacher gives to let you know a piece of information is important or that it will be on the test?

When it comes to preparing for a test, why is it important to complete your homework?
  1. Homework helps raise your grades.
  2. Homework covers material that may be tested.
  3. Homework gets you used to studying.
  4. Homework stresses you out, just like a test.
If a test is coming up and you realize a piece of information isn't clear, what's the best thing you could do?
  1. Just forget about it. It's probably not important anyway.
  2. Ask a question in class or talk to your teacher after class.
  3. Look over a friend's notes and hope the answer is there.
  4. Keep re-reading your notes and hope you figure it out.
When you prepare for a test, you should put off studying until the night before the test so the material will be fresh in your mind.
  1. True
  2. False
Thinking positively about a test is an important part of preparing for the test.
  1. True
  2. False
Why do you think cramming for a test doesn't really work?

Which resource is most useful when prepping for a test?
  1. Your textbook
  2. Your friend
  3. Your review sheet or study guide
  4. The internet
If a teacher doesn't pass out a study guide or a review sheet for a test, what can you do? (More than one answer may apply)
  1. Make one
  2. Not study
  3. Ask for one
  4. Read the entire textbook chapter again
A famous quote says "whether you think you can or can't - you're right."
How do you think this quote applies to preparing for a test?

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