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Nouns Review (Grade 3)

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Nouns Review

Look at the girl. That                 is pretty
  1. girl's hair
  2. girls' hair
  3. girl hair
Look at those four children. The                 clothes are dirty.
  1. childrens'
  2. children's
  3. childrens's
"The Great Wall of China" is a...
  1. noun
  2. pronoun
  3. proper noun
  4. clause
Underline the plural noun in each sentence.

1. Texas has many cattle ranches.

2. A cowboy rides after cows.

3. A cowboy can throw a rope within inches of his target.

4. Wild ponies also live in the Southwest.

5. Many movies have been made about the Old West.

"Yesterday morning I saw my good friend David. We went to the mall and had some food to eat."

What is the proper noun in this sentence?
  1. food
  2. Yesterday
  3. mall
  4. David
Write the singular form of each noun.

1. outlaws                                                 

2. stories                                                 

3. patches                                                 

4. foxes                                                 

5. saddles                                                 

6. coyotes                                                 

7. losses                                                 

Identify the proper noun(s) in the following sentence:

My friend drove across California to visit her aunt, Lupe, for New Years.
  1. friend, California, aunt, Lupe, New Years
  2. My, drove, visit, her
  3. my, friend, her, aunt
  4. California, Lupe, New Years
To make a noun PLURAL that ends in O after a consonant you must add ies?
  1. True
  2. False
Which possessive noun BEST completes the sentence?

My                 dream was to go to the moon because his wish was to explore outer space.
  1. grandfather'
  2. grandfathers
  3. grandfather's
  4. grandfathers'
Identify the noun(s) in the following sentence:

Sara ordered a delicious burrito with red salsa and guacamole.
  1. ordered, with
  2. Sara, delicious, red, guacamole
  3. Sara, burrito, salsa, guacamole
  4. Sara, delicious, burrito, red, salsa, guacamole
Choose the answer that identifies the compound noun in the following sentence:

How does your cousin like her new middle school?
  1. your cousin
  2. like her
  3. her new
  4. middle school
Choose the common noun in the sentence below.

Susan got a new bicycle for her birthday.
  1. Susan
  2. bicycle
  3. got
  4. day
Identify the noun(s)in the following sentence:

The student's courage was evident when she confronted the bully.
  1. student, courage, bully
  2. student, evident, bully
  3. student, confronted, bully
  4. student, she, bully
To make a noun that ends in sh, ch, s, or x plural (for example, church or box), you must
  1. add s
  2. add es
  3. add ies
  4. do not change
Identify the noun(s) in the sentence.

Clara Barton was born in Massachusetts.
  1. Clara Barton
  2. Massachusetts
  3. was born
  4. Clara Barton, Massachusetts
I walked my dog, Spot.
What is the special noun in this sentence?
  1. I
  2. dog
  3. my
  4. Spot
Identify the common noun in this sentence below.

The class studied economics today.
  1. class
  2. studied
  3. economics
  4. today
To make a word that ends in f (for example, self) plural, you must...
  1. change the f to v and add es
  2. change the f to i and add es
  3. add es
  4. add s
Which phrase is a proper noun and should be capitalized?
  1. the red school house
  2. badminton elementary school
  3. the school by the train station
Which word is the noun?

My dog likes to run.
  1. run
  2. dog
  3. My
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