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Mammals (Grade 10)

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Which characteristic do mammals and birds share?
  1. dry, scaly skin
  2. live birth
  3. ectothermic
  4. endothermic
Which is a distinguishing feature of a mammal?
  1. has scales
  2. gives birth to live offspring
  3. produces milk
  4. lays eggs
Which organism is a mammal?
  1. great white shark
  2. praying mantis
  3. spiny lobster
  4. duck-billed platypus
Which group of mammals is characterized by laying eggs?
  1. monotremes
  2. placentals
  3. marsupials
  4. chondrichthyes
Which group of mammals do kangaroos belong to?
  1. placentals
  2. monotremes
  3. osteicthyes
  4. marsupials
Which group of mammals has offspring that look very similar to the parents at the time of birth?
  1. placentals
  2. marsupials
  3. monotremes
  4. succulents
How does body temperature in mammals differ from that of reptiles?

Mammals are unique among animals in that they are the only group to have                to keep them warm.
Mammals are the only animals that are able to use both sexual and asexual reproductive methods to produce offspring.
  1. True
  2. False
In the evolution of the great whales, it is believed that their ancestors migrated from the land into the sea. Which animal is thought to be the closest living relative to the whales?
  1. elephant
  2. great white shark
  3. hippopotamus
  4. rhinoceros
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