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Essential Vitamins (Grades 11-12)

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Essential Vitamins

Which vitamin is fat soluble?
  1. B
  2. C
  3. K
  4. All vitamins are fat soluble.
Which vitamin, often found in citrus fruit, is also known as ascorbic acid?
  1. vitamin C
  2. vitamin B12
  3. vitamin B3
  4. vitamin K
What is a function of vitamin B12?
  1. processes amino acids and lipids
  2. assists with blood cell formation
  3. maintains connective tissue
  4. boosts the immune system
Which vitamin helps prevent lung damage caused by pollutants?
  1. vitamin A
  2. vitamin B3
  3. vitamin K
  4. vitamin E
What is the primary function of vitamin K?
  1. It helps with the development of bones and teeth.
  2. It assists with the absorption of calcium from the blood.
  3. It is used in the metabolism of amino acids.
  4. It is an essential part of the mechanism that clots blood.
A deficiency of vitamin D can lead to the development of
  1. rickets.
  2. scurvy.
  3. anemia.
  4. osteoporosis.
Vitamin            is responsible for the production of sex hormones.
The other term for vitamin B2 is                           .
Where is one most likely to obtain their daily requirement of vitamin B6?
  1. leafy green vegetables
  2. whole grains
  3. citrus fruits
  4. egg yolks
What are the most common symptoms of a deficiency of vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid?

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