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Behavior of Gases (College)

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Behavior of Gases

What is the number of moles of an ideal gas in a 1.75-L container at 290 K and a pressure of 0.650 atm? (R=0.0821 L•atm/mol•K)
  1. 0.048 mol
  2. 20.83 mol
  3. [math] 2.09 xx 10^-3 [/math] mol
  4. [math] 4.19 xx 10^-4 [/math] mol
What volume will 5.0 mol of Xe occupy at 50ºC and 1.27 atm of pressure? (R=0.0821 L•atm/mol•K)
  1. 16.2 L
  2. 104.4 L
  3. 0.0096 L
  4. 10.44 L
What is the pressure of a 3.2-mol sample of helium gas that has a volume of 650 mL and that is present at a temperature of 500 K? (R=0.0821 L•atm/mol•K)
  1. 123705 atm
  2. 0.202 atm
  3. 123.71 atm
  4. 202.1 atm
A 4.0-L sample of a gas is present at 300 K and 1.3 atm. Which of the following conditions would allow this gas to behave more like an ideal gas does?
  1. 2.0 L and 1.4 atm
  2. 4.0 L and 200 K
  3. 1.1 atm and 420 K
  4. 1.1 atm and 272 K
Ideal gases tend to exhibit which of the following properties?
  1. Low temperature
  2. High pressure
  3. Negligible volume, compared to the distances separating the gas particles from one another
  4. Inelastic collisions
  5. Both (a) and (b)
At STP, a gas has a density of 0.900 g/L. A reasonable formula for this gas is
  1. Ne
  2. [math]F_2[/math]
  3. Xe
  4. [math]CH_4[/math]
A sample of NO has a pressure of 66 mm Hg and a volume of 322 mL. When the NO is transferred to a 1.20-L flask, what is the pressure of the gas?
  1. 246 mm Hg
  2. 17.8 mm Hg
  3. 5855 mm Hg
  4. 17710 mm Hg
A 1.35-L sample of gas exists at 355 K. When the gas is transferred to a 950-mL container at the same pressure, what is the temperature?
  1. 236.7 K
  2. 0.002 K
  3. 1.88 K
  4. 236666 K
The particles of an ideal gas have strong attractive forces between them.
  1. True
  2. False
In answering the question below, please be sure to include BOTH your work and your answer.

When 3.56 grams of a compound is vaporized at 245ºC and 1.20 atm, the resulting gas occupies a volume of 344 mL. Based on this result, what is the molar mass of the compound? (R=0.0821 L•atm/mol•K)

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