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Environmental Decisions (Grade 10)

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Environmental Decisions

The study of natural processes that occur in the environment and how humans can affect them is called
  1. resource management.
  2. environmental science.
  3. preservation.
  4. conservation.
The state in which a human population can survive indefinitely is called
  1. sustainability.
  2. loss of biodiversity.
  3. renewable resource.
  4. biodiversity.
Attempts to create a sustainable society strive to achieve what?
  1. greater resource consumption
  2. stable resource consumption
  3. negative population growth
  4. restrictions on technology
When you examine a scientific value in making an environmental decision, you
  1. consider what is right or wrong.
  2. consider what will maintain human health.
  3. use your understanding of the natural world.
  4. think about what will promote learning.
What is the first step in an environmental decision-making model?
  1. Explore the consequences of each option.
  2. Consider which values apply to the issue.
  3. Make a decision.
  4. Gather information.
If you consider what will add to our understanding of the natural world in making an environmental decision, you are examining a(n)                 value.
  1. ethical/moral
  2. aesthetic
  3. environmental
  4. scientific
The opinion that all parts of the environment are equally important, no matter how useful they are to humans, expresses the
  1. conservation viewpoint.
  2. preservation viewpoint.
  3. development viewpoint.
  4. environmental viewpoint.
The belief that humans should be able to freely use and benefit from all of Earth's resources reflects the
  1. development viewpoint.
  2. conservation viewpoint.
  3. preservation viewpoint.
  4. resource viewpoint.
Hardin's "Tragedy of the Commons" essay addressed the conflicts associated with which environmental challenge?
  1. preventing pollution
  2. preserving biodiversity
  3. curbing overpopulation
  4. protecting shared resources
Is it possible for humans to live on Earth sustainably? Support your answer with examples.

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