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Hinduism Test (Grade 6)

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Hinduism Test

Unlike other major world religions, Hinduism
  1. had no single founder.
  2. has had no influence on other religions.
  3. has no sacred texts.
  4. has no great thinkers.
What is your duty called in Hinduism?
  1. shiva
  2. karma
  3. dharma
  4. vishnu
What is the main goal of Hindus?
  1. To read the Vedas.
  2. To achieve Moksha.
  3. To have good karma.
  4. To achieve Nirvana.
The Hindus believe in one single spiritual power which lives in everything, called
  1. Bombay
  2. Brahman
  3. Shiva
  4. Rudra
What is reincarnation?
  1. a religious movement in India that converted many Indians
  2. A cycle of rebirth in which one is reborn in a human or animal body
  3. the earliest form of recycling paper, glass, and cans
  4. the idea that ownership of goods can buy happiness
What is Karma?
  1. The soul in Hinduism.
  2. Meditation that leads to enlightenment.
  3. The sacred text of Buddhism.
  4. A measurement of how good or bad a person has been.
Hinduism is the most practiced Indian religion.
  1. True
  2. False
"Untouchables" were often barred from religious temples and forced to form their own religious sects.
  1. True
  2. False
What are the five castes of the caste system? Draw and pyramid and label them.

Create a Venn Diagram and compare the Caste System to the American Class System.

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