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Judaism and Christianity (Grade 6)

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Judaism and Christianity

What is monotheism?
  1. The belief in one god
  2. The belief in many gods
  3. The belief in no gods
  4. The belief in 12 gods
The first major religion who practiced monotheism?
  1. Judaism
  2. Christianity
  3. Islamic
Who was the first person to teach the idea that there was only one God?
  1. Abraham
  2. Moses
  3. "Anointed one"
  4. Messiah
The Torah is the sacred writing (holy book) for which religion?
  1. Christianity
  2. Islam
  3. Judaism
  4. None of the above
The holy book for Christianity is the Bible.
  1. True
  2. False
The religion of Christianity was based on what belief?

What does Messiah mean?
  1. God
  2. Jesus
  3. "Anointed one"
  4. Moses
The golden rule is
  1. love God and love your neighbor as your self.
  2. love one another as Jesus loves us.
  3. treat other people as you would like to be treated.
  4. given by Moses.
The 2 grounds that the 10 Commandments are divided into are
  1. relationships with friends and family.
  2. relationships with church and community.
  3. relationships with God and others.
Why is Jerusalem considered to be such an important city to so many people?

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