This printable supports Common Core ELA Standards ELA-Literacy.L.1.4 and ELA-Literacy.L.2.4

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Frequently Confused Words (Grade 8)

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Frequently Confused Words

It will take 10                 to finish the project completely.
  1. daze
  2. days
Every spring the                population in our town begins to increase and they often eat my mother's flowers.
  1. dear
  2. deer
I have three papers                on Monday.
  1. do
  2. dew
  3. due
I like to visit the                in the park that I visit in Raleigh. The water is always so clean and sparkling.
  1. creak
  2. creek
Every morning my father likes to look at the                on the grass in the morning.
  1. do
  2. due
  3. dew
On her birthday, my little sister                out all the candles on her cake.
  1. blue
  2. blew
Every time my sister comes into the house my mother must ask her to please                the door.
  1. clothes
  2. close
My sister just bought a new                phone at Verizon.
  1. sell
  2. cell
I will                my house for more than I paid for it.
  1. cell
  2. sell
My sister will                 home                 noon tomorrow.
  1. bee, bye
  2. be, by
I was very                last weekend because my friends made plans that did not include me.
  1. bored
  2. board
Every summer my grandfather begins a new               colony which produces honey for the entire summer.
  1. be
  2. bee

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