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Kwanzaa Symbols Matching (Grade 3)

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Kwanzaa Symbols Matching

Unscramble the letters, and then write each word next to the correct picture.
Fall - Corn - Small                          arkiarn
Kwanzaa - Flag - Small                          minunhid
Kwanzaa - Candle Stick - Small                        iwadza
Fall - Harvest - Small                      rnabneda
General - Gift Box - Small                        amoaz

Write the letter representing the the name for the Kwanzaa symbol next to the image used to represent it.

1. Mat                 
2. Seven Candles                                 
3. Candle Holder                   
4. Corn                     
5. Unity Cup                                         
6. Gifts                   
7. Crops                 

A. Mazao
B. Mkeka
C. Kinara
D. Kikombe cha Umoja
E. Zawadi
F. Mishumaa Saba
G. Muhindi

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