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Chinese New Year Chart (Grade 4)

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Chinese New Year Chart

Use the table to answer the questions that follow.

Chinese Zodiac
1924 1925192619271928193019311932193319341935
1936 1937193819391940194219431944194519461947
1948 1949195019511952195419551956195719581959
1960 1961196219631964196619671968196919701971
1972 1973197419751976197819791980198119821983
1984 1985198619871988199019911992199319941995
1996 1997199819992000200220032004200520062007
2008 2009201020112012201420152016201720182019
What year were you born under?

What year was your mom born under?

What year was your dad born under?

What year was your grandma or grandpa born under?

What year was a brother, sister, or cousin born under?

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