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Leprechauns (Grade 3)

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St. Patrick's - Irish Man
In Irish Legend, leprechauns are fairies. They take the form of old men wearing little green coats. Leprechauns like to get into a lot of mischief, or play tricks. When they're not making mischief, leprechauns spend their time making shoes. They take the money they earn from making shoes and hide it in a pot of gold which is hidden at the end of a rainbow.

St. Patrick's - Pot of Gold

Leprechauns also have magic powers. If a leprechaun is captured by a human, then it will grant the human three wishes. By granting the three wishes, the leprechaun gets the human to agree to let it go. Humans must wish carefully since leprechauns are known for being tricky.
Which word best describes leprechauns?
  1. creative
  2. tricky
  3. happy
  4. mean
What is the meaning of MISCHIEF in the passage?
  1. lying and getting into trouble
  2. angry outbursts and emotions
  3. silly and happy actions
  4. playful misbehavior or trickery
What happens if a human captures a leprechaun?
  1. He wins a prize.
  2. He gets hurt.
  3. He is fined.
  4. He earns three wishes.
Leprechauns are real.
  1. True
  2. False
What is a legend?
  1. A story involving a god or gods who teach a lesson or explain a natural or social event
  2. A story with a moral typically involving animals as characters
  3. A story from history that is repeated throughout generations
  4. None of the above
After reading about the legend of the leprechaun, write a short story about a leprechaun.

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